Mare Stare Release Form

I,(hereinafter referred to as “Subscriber”), hereby agree to disclaim, waive and release MARE STARE, LLC., its owners, directors, heirs, executors, administrators, agents, assigns, and all other persons, firms or corporations affiliated in any way with  MARE STARE, LLC., (hereinafter collectively referred to as “MARE STARE”), from any and all claims, demands, damages, actions, causes of  legal action or suits of any kind whatsoever, and particularly on account of any and all loss or injuries, known and unknown, to person, livestock or to property or all listed, which result in any way from the use of the services from MARE STARE, LLC. by Subscriber (the products and or Services from Mare Stare by Subscriber are hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Service and Equipment”). Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, MARE STARE will not be held liable for any loss or injury to Subscriber, Subscriber's affiliates , or any other involved parties be it direct or indirect, or any damage to property by the use of the Equipment if so provided as part of service contract agreement. SUBSCRIBER IS UTILIZING THE SERVICE AND OR EQUIPMENT AT SUBSCRIBERS’S OWN RISK. Subscriber also acknowledges that Subscriber is familiar with, and knows how to operate, any and all associated Equipment to include, Cams, personal computers etc. and is taking full responsibility for using and maintaining  said Equipment.

Subscriber represents and warrants that (i) each item of utilized Equipment, if independently provided, is of a type, design, quality and manufacture selected by Subscriber, acceptable to Subscriber and suitable for Subscriber’s purposes, (ii) Subscriber acknowledges that MARE STARE is not the manufacturer or supplier of said equipment or the representative of either, that MARE STARE is not required to enforce any manufacturer’s warranties on behalf of MARE STARE or Subscriber, (iii) that MARE STARE has not inspected and is not obliged to inspect the Equipment, and (iv) that if MARE STARE provides the equipment to Subscriber, it is “As Is,” without warranty or representation either express or implied, and MARE STARE expressly disclaims any warranty, express or implied, as to (a) the title, condition, fitness for use for a particular purpose, design, compliance with specifications, operation, or merchantability thereof, (b) the absence of latent or other defects, whether or not discernible, (c) the absence of infringement of any patent, trademark or copyright, or (d) any other matter whatsoever, it being agreed that all such risks, as between MARE STARE and the Subscriber are to be borne by the Subscriber. 

Subscriber further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless MARE STARE from and against any and all claims, liabilities, including negligence, tort and strict liabilities, demands, actions, suits and proceedings, losses, costs, penalties, and damages, including without limitations, reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs (collective, “Claims”), arising out of, connected with, or resulting from the manufacture, selection, rental, purchase, delivery, possession, condition, use, operation, handling, transportation or return of the Equipment. 

Governing Law and Jurisdiction: This Agreement is made and shall be governed and construed in all respects, including validity, interpretation and effect, by the laws of the State of South Carolina. Subscriber agrees that the venue (i.e., location) for any legal action shall be located within Lexington County, South Carolina. 

Mare Stare is NOT a foal watching service.  While our cams are open to the public to view it is at their discretion and choice as to which cams they watch.  It is not our responsibility to ensure that people are watching or to ensure that said people will contact you in the event of a problem. The cams are a valuable birthing and security tool, but cannot be used as a substitute for the due diligence and responsibility of each owner to watch their own animals and property.

Timely and accurate updates made by cam owners will allow our moderators the best opportunity to assist viewers with finding a cam to watch.  However, all moderators are volunteers and are not to be held liable for directing viewers to watch cams in the absence of their owners.

By submitting your request for Service and or Equipment you agree to these terms and conditions.   

Please download and print a copy for your records before submitting your order!