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Auctions by You...
with a little help from us!!!


So, how does this work?

Have you wanted to downsize but you are having no luck?  Have you considered putting your horse in a sale, but you were concerned about the costs, the travel, the exposure to so many things?  Have you considered having an online "broadcast" auction, only to be told you don't have the quality, quantity or find out the price is unreasonable?  Or do you only need to move a few?  This could be a solution to your dilemma.

Auctions by You is an online auction, very similar to EBay, but run by you.  We will set you up with a catalog that is customized with your farm colors, logos, etc and you will have access to it.  You add the horses and information with our assistance.  You determine the starting price, the running dates and terms, and you run the show.  You can receive and enter the bids or we can do that for you. 

We have teamed with Lil Beginnings so that we can expose your auction to the world in the largest miniature horse venue online.  Your auction will be featured in three locations on Lil Beginnings with a rotating banner ad.  In addition we can create auction ads and send them to our equine mailing list to generate more exposure for you. 

What will this cost you?  That's up to you.....a lot depends on how much you want to control things.

Catalog & Graphics


This is a customized auction catalog portraying your farm logos, colors, etc.  You will have access to the catalog (password protected and secure) where you will enter all equipment, horse, animal, information.  It's very easy to use and we will walk you through the setup, etc.  This also includes the creation of an auction bidder form.  You can have that or you can rely simply on emails/calls - the choice is yours.  I prefer a bidder form with complete bidder information so you have all that at the auction end. 

optional but recommended!


Includes 30 day Large Rotating Banner Ad (with free professional banner design if needed) on the popular Miniature Horse & Tack Sale Board, the popular LB Miniature Horse Forums and the main page of Also, free announcement about your auction (as soon as we have date & link) on the LB Miniature Horse & Tack Sale Board listed near the top under Sale Board Notices.


Quality auction ads created by us and sent to our mailing list.  This is strictly optional and can be done as often as you choose. $75.00 for first creation and run.  $25.00 to re-run same ad.

price depends on your level of participation


 One time fee of $10/per item placed in the auction, but otherwise the auction is free (after the base price) ...but you do the work - everything.  You receive the bids, you update the catalog, you run the show.


   We receive the bidder forms and issue the bidder numbers.


   We receive the bidder forms, issue the bidder numbers and input the bids right down to the wire.  We contact the winners and direct them to you for payment and pickup.


    We input the horses, using the information that you provide to us (i.e. write-ups, photos, lineage, etc), issue bidder numbers, input bids down to the wire and contact the winners and you.  Then it's up to you to receive payment and offer suggestions for transport.


** We have had a lot of interest in this program, and we may have to limit the number of auctions per month.  If you are interested you need to sign on soon.


Sign up for future mailings - don't be left out!  Drop me an email and we'll add you to the list

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