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Chat Room Rules
updated 3-10-12

To make the chat experience better we have created an additional room. Each room will serve a different purpose and the guidelines for these rooms need to be respected and followed.  Many of these rules flow over to other areas of Mare Stare as well, so keep them in mind when visiting the rest of our site.


1. The Paddock - Discussions about active foaling cams and questions about foaling, and general health of horses and other animals.

2. Open Range - Non-foaling horse-related chat, breeding, color, and other topics.

You must read and agree to the following before you can enter chat:

Chat guidelines:

  1. Due to legal reasons, the chat rooms and message board are only for persons aged 13 years and older. Persons under 13 may participate, but ONLY with a written, signed parental consent form.

  2. BEFORE going into chat, read the Message Board and become familiar with the horses on cam, and read the owner updates. Bring up some cams, and learn about the horses who are on cam, to help out the cam owners. THIS is what Mare Stare is about.

  3. BEFORE going into chat, bring up the chat history and read the last hour or two of chat. This way you will know what has been going on lately and not be asking the same question that might have been answered 10 min before you got there.

  4. Respect everyone. Chat is not about YOU, it is Mare Stare chat.

  5. Do NOT post links to cams in chat.   If someone comes in and asks for a link give it to them in private chat or advise them where to look.  You may post links to pages on Mare Stare that will assist the viewer in finding their way (cam links page, foaling information, etc), but posting links to cams, etc becomes cumbersome and takes up chat room so it is not encouraged or tolerated.

  6. Limit the use of smilies.   Smilies are available in chat to enhance your experience.  However, excessive use of smilies is distracting and therefore not allowed.  Please be respectful and limit your smiley use.

  7. During a foaling, keep the 'chatter' to a minimum. The whole reason this chat is here is for the Mare Stare cams. Watch respectfully and quietly, only making comments that YOU would like to read if it were YOUR mare foaling.  Speculation, criticism and negativity is not tolerated.

  8. When someone comes in to ask a horse-related question, STOP all chatter and be respectful of the person who needs help. When a Mare Stare cam owner is talking about their horse on cam, and giving updates, all chatter is to STOP.

  9. If you cannot manage to stop chattering during a foaling or during time when someone needs help or someone is giving updates, expect to be banned, without warning. This is Mare Stare chat and people need to be respected. This chat is another means of communication for cam owners to get help watching their cams and mares, and if it were not for them, this chat would not be here.

  10. Do NOT call an owner during or immediately following a birth to find out the gender of the baby.  Be respectful and give them time.  They will share when they are ready and the earth will not stand still if you have to wait a few hours before you know.

  11. We understand that there are friendships formed and people want to keep in touch. There are many ways to do this and discuss non Mare Stare things, without it being in the chat room. AIM chat, MSN chat, Yahoo Chat, SKYPE, email, make your own webpage, and start your own chat, are some of the many ways to maintain friendships and keep in touch for other 'life' matters, that will not interfere with Mare Stare Chat. Most IM programs like MSN and Yahoo allow more than one person in a conversation.

  12. NO dating chat, NO sexual innuendo, NO off color jokes, and NO swearing or cursing is allowed anywhere on Mare Stare, not in Chat and not on the Message Board. Take personal information OFF Mare Stare, to email or some other area. Don't even take it to private chat or personal messages, Mare Stare is not about 'hooking up,' and it is not allowed, even in private.

  13. We do not allow any solicitation of our members in chat. This includes selling of products, asking for donations, etc. We don't want people in our chat rooms to feel uncomfortable or obligated in any way, because of the immediacy and real-time nature of chat.

  14. When you violate the rules, you will be warned ONCE, either in private or public depending on the reason, by a moderator. If you argue about it, or protest, you may be banned for a short time, depending on the seriousness of the infraction and your past history in chat. If a moderator warns someone about an infraction, DO NOT "pile on" and say things like "yes that was uncalled for" or "I agree that was rude." Let the moderators handle it. Piling on is also grounds for a ban. If no moderator is reading chat when an infraction is made, one person may warn the offender of the violation. Then copy and paste the chat history and PM it to a moderator. Do not get into an argument with the offender. If they continue to harass you, click on their name, then click "Ignore."

  15. Do not ignore a Moderator. If you ignore a Moderator's request to enter private chat, or if you place a moderator on ignore by clicking the "Ignore" link on their profile box, you will be banned.

  16. You can only be in one room at one time. If you choose to go back and forth (room to room) that is fine. However, having both rooms open at the same time is NOT allowed.

  17. READ and UNDERSTAND these rules BEFORE coming into chat, and FOLLOW them whenever you are in chat. Encourage others to do the same. That way, we can all get along and the chat rooms can be a friendly, informative and harmonious environment for everyone.

CHAT HELP & INSTRUCTIONS - Click here for instructions on different aspects of the chat room.

By clicking "I agree" you agree to follow and be bound by the rules and conditions on this page. If you do not agree with these rules, click "I disagree."

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