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xx Special Announcement - Live Streaming Event

July 10, 2016, 01:38:06 PM by kaybogercain

This coming Saturday, July 16, Fox Haven...
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exclamation A Gentle Reminder to all and a world of thanks to our Moderators!

March 30, 2016, 01:44:51 AM by Heather
I want to take a few moments to remind everyone of the core values of Mare Stare and, basically, why the service...
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xx Maybe Baby by Mare Stare, LLC Website

August 18, 2015, 09:05:46 AM by mssupport
Visit our new Maybe Baby by Mare Stare website.

We are pleased to announce that we now have a distributor in...
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If you wish to purchase monthly using automatic recurring payment you must purchase it separately from the other items on this page. The option to purchase monthly using recurring payment is listed below.

$30 Monthly recurring
(longer than 3 months)

Farm or Cam Name

I agree to the Mare Stare recurring payment terms.


Cam Hosting - Prepaid and Priced by # of months 

"No refunds will be given for unused time."

Please read and sign our release by clicking the icon below. Failure to agree to and sign our release will result in your payment being refunded and the setup process terminated.
Release Form
Release Form & Agreement

Now, choose your number of months to sign up!

Cost: $0

SubTotal: $0



"Show us what ya got!"

It is guaranteed to buff, scrub, clean, dry and display the gender of your foal.

Available for purchase - $15.00 each (shipping not included)

Two to choose from now

COLT/FILLY Towel $15 each (photo above)    

   Cost: $0

BOY/GIRL Towel $15 each  - Great for goats, puppies, kittens, etc!   

   Cost: $0

Weight 2#  size a little over 5' long x 29" wide - beach towel size.

100% cotton Towels Plus by Anvil

Mare Stare Coffee Mug $5 each
Thermos type mug that will keep your hot drinks hot, and your cold drinks cold.  Capacity is 20 ounces.   

   Cost: $0


   Facebook Social Link for Cam Page $2.50 a month    

This provides a direct link to your Facebook page, allowing others to follow you and increase exposure
to your website, cam or social network page   

   Cost: $0


   Twitter Social Link for Cam Page $2.50 a month 
This provides a direct link to your Twitter page, allowing others to follow you and increase exposure
to your website, cam or social network page   

   Cost: $0


  Yearly Cam Link $30 a year    
Your link to your website will remain active all year, even if your cam is off.
 Bring visitors to your site year round with the exposure that Mare Stare High Traffic offers.

   Cost: $0


  Featured Farm Link $3.50 a month  
Rotating banner at the top of the Live Cams Page and the Live Cams Location Page.  

   Cost: $0


  Farm Board $30 a year    
Have a personal farm board on MS where you can discuss your animals in depth

   Cost: $0


  Custom Cam Page $25 one time fee    
We will design a custom cam page using info, colors, graphics you provide or provided via your website.

Cam page revisions will cost an additional $25.

Cost: $0

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